Goose Rocks Beach

The pristine sandy beaches in Kennebunkport and neighboring Kennebunk are some of the best in New England. Whether you want to tuck into a quiet cove to read a book, slip your shoes off to take a romantic stroll and watch the sunset, or splash in the surf all day, there are five fabulously diverse beaches located a short distance from The Cottages at Cabot Cove.

Colony Beach (Also known as Arundel Beach)
Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine

Located at the mouth of the Kennebunk River, this short stretch of sand is less than a mile from The Cottages at Cabot Cove. The limited parking and a lack of facilities make this a less-traveled beach, lending an aura of seclusion to this charming spot,
Don’t Miss: The spectacular views as the sun dips into the sea each night.

Goose Rocks Beach
Kings Highway, Kennebunkport, Maine

With three scenic miles of powdery white sand, grassy dunes, an island, and summer cottages that hug the shore, this beach beckons visitors seeking a day of fun. Goose Rocks Beach gets its name from the offshore barrier reef, visible at low tide, which shelters it while keeping waves gentle.
Don’t Miss: The lively Happy Hour across the street at The Tides Beach Club.

Cleaves Cove Beach
Ocean Avenue, Kennebunkport, Maine

Somewhat hard to find, this quiet Kennebunkport beach located on Ocean Avenue is one of our town’s hidden gems.
Don’t Miss: At high tide, the waves put on a dramatic performance as they push up over the rocks in a spray of whitewater.

Kennebunk Beach
Beach Avenue, Kennebunk, Maine

The three distinct beaches of Kennebunk Beach — Mother’s Beach, Middle Beach and Goochs Beach  — make up nearly a mile of sandy shoreline. Lifeguards cast watchful eyes over Goochs and Mother’s Beach during the summer and there are portable restrooms onsite. An adjacent playground at Mother’s Beach will keep the little ones occupied as you bask in the sun.
Don’t Miss: Surfers riding the waves of Goochs Beach at sunset.